Download the NC State Professional Sports
Counseling Panel Pamphlet

If you're thinking about going pro,

Don't sign on the dotted line until you talk to NC State's Professional Sports Counseling Panel. We're a team of NC State staff, faculty and alumni with extensive experience in professional sports, financial planning, sports law and career counseling. We're here to help you avoid common pittfalls and make the most of you opportunities as you transition into a professional sports career.

Contact the Panel:
Mike Poterala, Deputy General Counsel Panel Chairperson
919.515.0234 •

Carrie Doyle, Senior Associate AD for Compliance
919.515.0604 •

Here's what the Professional Sports Counseling Panel can do for you:

• Help you determine your market value, such as your potential salary and draft status, by communicating with agents and team representatives.

• Advise you about your future professional career.

• Assist you in selecting an agent by participating in agent interviews, reviewing written information sent to you by an agent and communicating with people who can comment about an agent's abilities.

• Participate in your meetings with representatives of professional sports teams.

• Help you get a tryout with a professional team by communicating with the team's representatives.

• Review a proposed professional sports contract.

• Assist you in making arrangements to get a loan for the purpose of buying disability insurance.

When navigating the world of pro sports, follow these guidelines:

Never give anyone power of attorney.
This is a technique often used to separate you from your money. Don't fall for it!

Don't hire an attorney, agent or financial advisor based only on family or friends' recommendations.
When you're deciding who to work with, be sure to get free professional-level advice from the Professional Sports Counseling Panel.

Don't accept any benefits from an agent.
Make sure you preserve your eligibility -- and you options -- by complying with all the NCAA's rules and regulations.

Be careful with your money.
Spend only what you can afford, and learn how to manage and invest money wisely.

You, and nobody else, are the primary caretaker of your future.
Remember that your actions -- as an athlete and a student -- will have much more impact on your future than anything an agent can do.

• Information available from the Major League Baseball Players Association, the collective bargaining representative for all current Major League Baseball players:

• Information available from the National Football League Players Association, the collective bargaining representative for all current NFL players:

• Information available from the National Basketball Players Association, the collective bargaining representative for all current NBA players:

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